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Quick News Daily Podcast

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For Advertisers

July 2, 2020

Immediate availability! Negotiation welcomed. 

Current estimated time for delivery: 1 day

Maximum sponsors allowed per day: 2 (one pre or post-roll and one mid-roll)

Package Details

Basic ($10/episode):

  • 15 second pre-roll or post-roll ad
  • 1 sponsored Facebook/Instagram

Standard ($15/episode):

  • 30 second mid-roll ad
  • 1 sponsored Facebook/Instagram ad

Premium ($25/episode):

  • 30 second mid-roll ad
  • 2 sponsored Facebook/Instagram ads
  • Dedicated paragraph in the show notes (permanently)
  • Logo featured on that episode's art

All packages are eligible for the following upgrades: 

  • Add 15 seconds for $10
  • Sponsor an additional social media ad for $5 

Since I am a newer podcast, I included the social media ad to ensure you get at least 5,000 views (coming from the post alone, plus my listeners on top of that). 

If you want to supply the voiceover for the ad, you can do so. Just make sure it is within the time limit you requested. I do reserve the right to reject the supplied voiceover, and any other material, if I feel it gives off a tone or content I'm not comfortable with. 

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