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April 1, 2020  

Press Kit

April 1, 2020

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What is the Quick News Daily Podcast?

The Quick News Daily Podcast will help you save time and learn why the stories matter to your life. An informal, college host analyzes the top headlines in about 20 minutes (usually less) every Monday through Friday. If you like to listen to longer podcasts, Quick News To Go, a weekly recap show, combines all of our episodes from the week and is released every Saturday in the same feed as Quick News Daily.

Fast Facts:

  • Launched March 28th, 2020
  • Released daily, Monday - Friday, with a recap show (consisting of the week's episodes edited together) released on Saturday
  • Creator and host Brett Spangler handles all aspects of the show (research, marketing, script-writing, etc.)
  • Appears frequently in the trending daily news shows chart on Apple Podcasts, as well as “Popular” news podcasts on Podbean
  • Occasional reviews of movies, TV, and video games
  • Achieved a major milestone in September 2020 when comedian J-L Cauvin appeared on the show as Quick News Daily's first guest
  • Quick News Daily is one of the top 5% most popular shows out of all podcasts globally, according to Listen Notes

Suggested Episodes:

Who’s it for?

Practically everyone! I made the show to make the news more accessible for everyone. I’m here to help inform the single parent of 2 with two jobs, or the college student who also works full-time, or any other person who feels too busy or overwhelmed/under-served by the regular news. 

I based the show loosely on “The Daily” from the New York Times. However, I wanted to cover all top stories of the day instead of a deep dive on one topic, and I only wanted it to be news that matters to everyday people instead of pure clickbait stories that our news loves to cover. Lastly, I wanted it to be informal, explained in simple terms, delivered by someone outside the media, and slightly geared toward college-age listeners like myself. It’s real news for real people who might not have time to listen to regular news but still want to be informed.

Who isn’t it for?

I’ll be honest: I lean left on the political spectrum (and lean is probably putting it mildly). If you’re a hardcore Trump supporter, I don’t think there’ll be much for you. That said, I guarantee that I will always report the facts of the story; it’s my analysis/commentary that starts going down the liberal path. Ultimately, I made the show because I was tired of the media giving weight to “both sides” when there were clear rights and wrongs in terms of morals, ethics, empathy, decency, and compassion.  In fact, that’s the long explanation for why my slogan is “not balanced, accurate”. 


I’m Brett Spangler, and my “day job” is being a college student, but my passion since this show launched in March 2020 has been podcasting. Being in the Midwest, I’ve heard people say that politics or what’s happening on the coasts doesn’t affect us, and I want to show them why it does. Plus, I like to think I have more credibility since I’m one of them. 

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/quicknewsdaily/ 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/QuickNewsDaily 

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Quick News Daily relies mainly on the contributions of listeners via Paypal, Patreon, and Steady, but I also seek outside sponsorships. The show is a member of the advertising platform PODGO, and I have previously been sponsored by Thousand Fell, the sneaker company. 

Reviews on Apple Podcasts


"What excellent investigating and writing!! Delivered in a low key, conversational tone that I really like. It really does hit all the big stories of the day with details beyond what the mainstream media reports."

-Kathy from Rose Creek 

Fun, Fast, and Fabulous

"I so look forward to listening to Quick Daily News every weekday! His humor is awesome, I love the audio clips he plays, and his commentary is spot on. Thanks for breaking down the news so efficiently for me!"

-DoCo Gal

Reallll good

"Really good for people like me who don’t necessarily watch the news each day. It gets so negative, but Quick News Daily keeps its light hearted and positive. Definitely give it a listen folks."


Witty and smart!

"This host has a great personality, witty and humerous . What a great way to get the news after a long day!"


Great podcast

"Saving me time on the way to work! Keep up the good work!"


Contact Me

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Want to interview me or advertise with the show? I can always be reached at quicknewsdaily@gmail.com, or by messaging any of the Quick News Daily social media accounts.


More art, as well as original files, available upon request at quicknewsdaily@gmail.com.