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March 31, 2021  

“Follow” Button Coming to Apple Podcasts with iOS 14.5

March 31, 2021


As first reported on podnews.net, Apple Podcasts will undergo a big change with the release of the iOS 14.5 update (which still does not have a release date as of the time of this article’s publication). 

With the update, the “Subscribe” button in Apple Podcasts will change to “Follow”. No big deal, right?


For all podcasts, especially smaller indie podcasts like Quick News Daily, this small change could have a huge impact. It all has to do with psychology. People are used to “following” friends, favorite celebrities, etc. on Twitter, Instagram, and even Facebook for free. For whatever reason, people associate “follow” with “free” and “subscribe” with “paid subscription”. 

Anecdotally, I’ve even had people say they like Quick News Daily on social media, but they didn’t want to subscribe because they thought they would have to pay for it. I’ve even had to make special posts on social media explaining that the show would always be free, especially on Apple Podcasts, and that it already has been. 

So, whenever iOS 14.5 actually launches, get ready for your favorite podcasters to start telling you to “follow” their show wherever you get your podcasts.