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February 24, 2021  

Carrizo Springs

On this episode of the Quick News Daily Podcast, we cover a variety of stories. The two we spend the most time on are Fed Chairman Jerome Powell's comments in front of the Senate and what they mean for your wallet, as well as a Washington Post story covering the re-opening of a Trump-era facility for migrants children (though there are no cages involved). Then, we cover the bilateral "meeting" with Canada and PM Justin Trudeau and updates on the Texas energy situation, Biden confirmations, and the insurrection.

EDIT: contrary to what I said at the end of the show, I will NOT be having a show on Friday. Stay tuned to all of Quick News Daily's social media accounts for the latest news updates, particularly Instagram and Twitter.


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February 23, 2021  

A Quick Guide to Three Popular COVID Vaccines

Thanks to Dr. Catherine Schuster-Bruce and the team over at Business Insider, there's now an easy table to compare three of the top COVID vaccines in Western countries: the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines (approved in both the UK and the United States), and the AstraZeneca vaccine (approved in the UK and other European and African nations).

Check out the table below to get all your most important COVID vaccine questions answered!


February 22, 2021  

Biden Helps Texas as COVID Situation Continues to Improve

On a new week of the #1 quick news podcast, we take a look at a variety of stories from all around the globe. We have COVID updates from the US, the state of US-Iran sanctions and relations, and President Biden accepting a request for additional federal resources from Texas Governor Greg Abbott (who is a Republican, regardless of what Don Jr. thinks). We also have information about an oil spill near Israel, as well as frustrations over the investigation into the start of the COVID pandemic.


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February 21, 2021  

From Tocsin Magazine: Questions Surround Rochester School Board President


Rochester City School Board President Van White has decided to run for Monroe County Judge. The leader of a failing school district with a multi-million dollar deficit believes he is qualified and the Black community should support him for the position. The conversation went down during a meeting with the Take It Down Planning Committee; Faith Alliance Coalition.


Read more here from Tocsin Magazine: https://www.tocsinmag.com/post/van-white-unfit-for-monroe-county-judge

February 20, 2021  

Quick News To Go: 2/15 to 2/19

Get caught up on all of the week's top headlines and breaking news with Quick News To Go from Quick News Daily. 


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February 19, 2021  

The Legend of Cancún Cruz

Today, we’ve got a lot of stories to catch up on, and they’re all basically either local or international. We’re covering topics like Chicago’s spending of COVID funds, Boris Johnson, updates on Texas’ power outage and leadership outage (Ted Cruz), as well as Mount Etna news.



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