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September 24, 2020  

For Pennsylvania Voters, their friends, and their family

September 24, 2020  

Ya’ll-Qaeda - 9/24/2020

Today, we spend a while talking about Trump refusing to a peaceful transfer of power. Then we discuss the media falling for the trap while covering the aftermath of the Breonna Taylor news, an update on the Pennsylvania secrecy envelope ruling, Amy Coney Barrett, and Trump getting booed and jeered while visiting Justice Ginsburg lying in repose.

Comedian Brent Terhune's YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/0QZOQ9jx_OI

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September 23, 2020  

Quick News: The New Frontier - 9/23/2020

Today, I debut a new, relaxed format and let you know that the 20 minute guarantee might not always apply for the next couple of months. But as for actual news, I cover some big voting news from Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Wisconsin, the latest Supreme Court speculation, and Cindy McCain endorsing Joe Biden. I also talk about the Trump superspreader rally last night and the Breonna Taylor news.

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September 22, 2020  

Cory Booker’s Coming For You - 9/22/2020

On this episode, I explain the latest on the race for the White House, including why I think Biden is getting stronger with white voters while 2/3 of the country thinks the protests and counter-protests are overtaking cities. Then, I cover more fallout of the death of RBG, including the surprising statement by Mitt Romney, Joni Ernst's super lame excuse for why this time it's "different" than 2016, and the stink of desperation from Lindsey Graham as South Carolina polls show he's tied with Jamie Harrison.

Other topics include Tropical Storm Beta, the CDC changing its mind on COVID having airborne transmission, and signs that the Breonna Taylor verdict from the grand jury may not be what many have hoped for.

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September 21, 2020  

Notorious RBG - 9/21/2020

As you can imagine, the main story today is the passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. I talk about every aspect of the situation: her start on the Supreme Court, her reputation, what this means politically, etc. Then, I shift into discussing the crazy things Trump said over the weekend, including new audio from Bob Woodward. Lastly, I discuss Oracle and Walmart stepping in to buy a stake in TikTok (Trump's okay with it because his buddy, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison, is involved, just like Ellison was involved when he suggested hydroxychloroquine to Trump in February allegedly).

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September 20, 2020  

Marvel’s Avengers Video Game Complete Review

Two weeks ago, I gave my "way too early" review of the new Avengers game, but now that I've finished the campaign, I'm back with a complete review! By the way, Yusuf "Abu" Khan is voice by Brian George.

Rough Transcript:

Now that I’ve completed the campaign for Marvel’s Avengers, as well as quite a few missions for the Avengers Initiative, I feel ready to give a complete review of the game.

 My non-spoiler review: the ending is very strong, and the game really opens up.


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