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June 30, 2020  

Trump Attacks Healthcare - 6/30/2020

On today's can't-miss episode, I talk about new developments in the Russian bounty saga, the latest Supreme Court decision, the results of the Kentucky Senate primary, two states making good changes, and Trump trying to get rid of Obamacare during a pandemic, basically confirming he made a bet with someone that he can get his poll numbers to zero. 

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June 29, 2020  

Are Doctors Liberal Sheep Too? - 6/29/2020

Today we cover the typical, totally not unusual stories of Donald Trump allowing Russia to place bounties on American military forces' heads, as well as him retweeting and praising a supporter shouting "white power", all while he is still the President of the United States. Then we get into the Supreme Court decision that was a slap in the face for Trump voters who cared about conservative justices and has me concerned, troubled, and furrowing my brow for Susan Collins' re-election chances. 

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June 28, 2020  

Donald Trump: Liberal Hero

“I really don’t want to do this. What’s the upside here?”

 “You have to. Do you want to live in this world of the status quo if another Republican wins? Or even worse: if Hillary wins and has to constantly battle with a Republican Congress that’s going to impeach her if she sneezes wrong?”

 Though they were there entirely by his creation, the man seemed to be more of an audience member than active participant in this exchange between the stereotypical angel and devil on his shoulders.

 “No…no, you’re right. We go way back, and I know she doesn’t deserve that. She’s been through enough with this Benghazi thing. I mean, nobody’s ever seen anything like it. If she wins, it’ll be presidential harassment!”

 Thus, the plot he had spent years preparing and devising was set into motion. 


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June 28, 2020  

FROM THE VAULT: Review of the Modern Warfare Remasters

Since the show has a ton of new listeners (and I appreciate that very much), once again I've decided to open up the Quick News vault. In this classic, I discuss the remastered versions of Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2 (and notice I talk about how I want the Rust map remastered. Nobody told me it's in the reboot!). Even though this is one of my better reviews, I still think the show has come a long way. I hope you enjoy!

June 27, 2020  

Quick News To Go: 6/22 to 6/26

A week's worth of news, all in one show! It must have been an important week because we didn't quite make the usual one hour maximum. 

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June 26, 2020  

“Just a Door Pull” - 6/26/2020

On this last new show of the week, we discuss new coronavirus guidelines from the CDC, Bubba Wallace, police reform bills, Verizon pulling advertising from Facebook, the Trump-Hannity interview, the (no longer) Dixie Chicks, and the Kentucky Derby. 

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