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January 14, 2021  

Threat of More Violence is Still High

On this episode of the #1 quick news podcast, we go over several stories, including a pet food recall (see more info below), the impeachment vote in the House, new details about what happened during the insurrection at the Capitol, the New York AG going after the NYPD for their conduct during the Black Lives Matter protests, and more!

The pet foods, made by Midwestern Pet Foods Inc., that are in the recall are:

  • Sportmix
  • Pro Pac Originals
  • Splash
  • Sportstrail
  • Nunn Better

They are dry dog and cat foods that expire on or before July 9th, 2022.


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January 12, 2021  

Flu Shot May Help Lessen COVID Impact

Today on your favorite daily news podcast, we go take a small break from updates about the Capitol Insurrection fallout to talk about the other major issue in this country: COVID. Thankfully, it's mostly good news. 

Specifically, we'll look at the early tests of the Pfizer vaccine against the new COVID mutations from the UK and South Africa, then we'll talk about the crazy decrease in flu numbers for this year and why getting the flu shot will help you in the fight against the coronavirus.

However, we also have to talk about some bad news, which pertains to Curative, a major manufacturer of COVID tests, and the accuracy of those tests.

Lastly, I will still go over some new information about the Capitol Takeover. We'll take a look at the top 20 companies who have made donations to the congressmen and women who opposed certifying the election results, how much they donated, and what they've said about supporting these seditious politicians going forward.


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January 11, 2021  

Trump Impeachment: The Deuce

On this episode of Quick News Daily, we're still recovering from last week's insurrection in the nation's capital. As it goes with events like this, the information comes out slowly at first, then it builds and turns into an avalanche of news. We also briefly cover how the Biden Administration will distribute the COVID vaccine versus how the Trump Administration has been managing that so far.

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January 9, 2021  

Quick News To Go: 1/4 to 1/7

Get caught up on all of the week's top headlines and breaking news with Quick News To Go from Quick News Daily.

On this week's show, we start off slowly on Monday and Tuesday with stories on the Wisconsin pharmacist who destroyed COVID vaccines and the UK's struggle with COVID before the week intensifies, starting with the Georgia Senate Runoff on Tuesday. We go over those results, and what they could mean for the future, before covering the failed, deadly insurrection at the U.S. Capitol. 

January 7, 2021  

Pro-Trump Terrorists Attack U.S. Capitol - 1/7/21

Understandably, on today’s Quick News Daily, we go over the disgusting display at the U.S. Capitol by domestic terrorists.


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